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24 November 2006



I hate puns but I blame the CBC. Between Ron McLean and the period when Don Harron was on "Morningside" I have come to detest them. But really it is two things: I don't get them and I pun inadvertently all the time. Like pun burps sneaking out unintended making me look like some kind of CBC lover, like someone who sits around wishing Gzowski had not smoked himself into an early grave. That is not to suggest your punning does as it is seemingly non-CBC-based punning.

And while I appreciate a good twisty name for a shop I prefer them to be more in the nature of riddles than puns. Or simply plain like "Al's House of Pies" if I were to have a house filled with pie making and eating. Pie can be a riddle but can it really be a pun? No, not a bun. When I taught in Poland I used to play "21 Questions" with the adult class but they did not get the idea of the game so I called it "Jestem Buka!" or "I am a Bun!" Then it made sense. Nothing like shouting "Jestem Buka!" arms up stretched in a classroom of earnest Slavs.


I've always wanted to hear Ron McLean interview Don Harron. I think it would be a mythic struggle.

There's a tourist shop in Edinburgh called Thistle Do.

"Jestem Buka" will have to be the name of your autobiography. Either that or "A Good Time Was Had By Al."


There is a lady in PEI who had a blog. Her name is Jean Tingley and I was very disappointed she did not call her blog "All Things Tingley."


Hm, that rings a bell. Better yet, she should sell wind chimes. The province would pay for a road sign: All Things Tingley: 3 km.

One reason people hate puns is that they're often forced. You can sometimes almost see Ron McLean swinging a mallet to force his pun into the outro of Coach's Corner.

And sometimes they're just stupid, like that slogan they tried to foist on Ottawa: Technically Beautiful. Yes, it's a beautiful city, and yes, there's high tech, but put them together and you're say it's not really beautiful. The multiple senses have to swim in the same direction.

I got a good one off once just after they introduced the looney. Someone was saying that none of the people in the old folks home cared for the extra weight in their pockets. So I said, "Some people just don't appreciate change."

That pun in Master and Commander about the lesser of two weevils is pretty good.

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