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24 December 2006



I sold one car and bought a bird feeded. Fuck 'in warmth. Though I sucked it up and played some b'ball this morning.

Chinese coal. That's the villain.


Plus - you can now get fig trees to put out in pots: http://www.grimonut.com/

I bet my figs kick your figs butts. Challenge!!! Don't be a fig 'fraidy, now. Double dare you.


You're on. Of course you realize you've challenged a guy who has eight-year-old compost in his backyard composter. Vintage compost. Power compost.


I have a rat living in my compost. My figs will be filled with the shit of rats. You are doomed.


There's a rat in the compost.
What I'm a gonna do?
There's a rat in the compost.
What I'm a gonna do?

(after UB40)


Rat in the compost
Doug know pain
He grow the figs
But he makes no gain...

(after "Mirror in the Bathroom")

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