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03 December 2006



It's good! Personally, I am more drawn to cartoons that are 'less than perfect' in their creation – they tend to show more personality than some illustrations in which the lines are tight and clean, and the perspective is perfect. And besides, ultimately it's the idea that's the most important.

Good writing can carry bad art, but good art can never carry bad writing...


Holy! A comment from somebody who isn't my brother. Thank you for the encouragement. The story Wonderful Hell I'm talking about is part two of five of an academic novel written by me, Douglas, and illustrated by Anne Fizzard, a cartoonist friend in New York. Do you know of her? We're self-publishing the thing part by part. Part One is called Shaolin Cricket, and includes a couple of students who collaborate on a comic called The Vampire Leblanc. (It takes place in New Brunswick.) I'm trying to figure out how to make it available online without Anne's pictures becoming clip art. Clearly I have some kind of unrealized cartooning impulse. But Anne's a comic genius. If you're curious I can mail you a hard copy.

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