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14 December 2006



That building weathered eight decades of abuse from nearly two hundred rowdy, often semi-retarded manchildren, year after year after year. The annual Trueman House Water-Fight alone would have brought pretty much any other dorm on campus down into its own foundations after a single go.

In my second year, when I was living on Second West, the boys on Top West decided to turn the shower room into a temporary swimming pool. They took down the door, sawed off the top half, and re-installed it.
Then they stopped up all the sink and shower drains, sealed the newly-halved door with caulk, and turned on every tap and shower.

The water got waist-deep. People were literally swimming in the third floor shower room.

After a few hours, the door started to buckle, so some "responsible" upperclassmen decided it was time to cool it. The drains were unstopped, the water gurgled away, the door was replaced... Bob's your uncle!

This ridiculous incident left not a trace of a scar on Trueman House. Down on Second West, directly beneath, not a drop of water leaked down into our shower room.

They're making an awful lot of memories homeless.


We turned the western Second Centre washroom into a sauna more than once but never thought of creating a swimming pool. I'm just trying to figure out the weight of that amount of water. If the washroom was 5 metres by 5 metres, and the water a metre deep, that seems to work out to 25000 kilograms. Can that be right? It seems like a lot.

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