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10 May 2008


James McGrath

I'm pretty sure you're wrong about LOST. It has a set time to end, and the producers have been up front both about not resolving everything in a Midi-Chlorian, disappointing sort of way, but also tying it all together and answering our key questions.



Well, I hope so. The slaughter would make sense if indeed the characters were in Purgatory and being shuffled off to Heaven or Hell, but I understand the producers have ruled out this possibility. Right now Lost just seems to be Survivor with live ammo.


Boy, if you want to get your stats up, diss a popular TV show. Our readership tripled yesterday.


well one show is groundbreaking the other is a standard serialized space drama we have seen before (Star Trek anyone).


oh yeah and the show an end date, and MR. Ecko died early last season because the actor was a blowhard.


As this post is still getting hits, I should note that I was pretty disappointed in the final half-season of Battlestar. The writers fell into the same "kill your darlings" tic that has made Lost unwatchable since season two. Once upon a time a major character might be killed at the end of a season. Col. Blake's death in M*A*S*H had a huge impact. Now writers kill characters to get to commercial.

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