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01 June 2008



Sweet masonic symbolism, too.


Ah yes, the ancient Masonic ink and sake.


To the left: http://www.rosslyntemplars.org.uk/images/William_Blake.jpg


well if that otaku girl from Genshikin (sic) is there there must be yaoi in that book somewhere!


So, yeah, theres a yaoi plotline. But Im a newbie: what gives it away? The hoodie? The hair?



I feel I should explain the cartoon, but I dont know what its about, apart from including everything I had in my head when I drew it. The middle figure is Zinck, a sort of alter ego of mine, and shes wearing a t-shirt borrowed from Evangeline Brandt, her alter ego. The t-shirt design comes from the cover art of Cubs album Box of Hair. Cub: 90s Vancouver girl band who broke up pretty much the same day I discovered them. Hair = creativity? Yeah, thats Oguie. Genshiken rocks! The book is the Book of Everything, so yeah theres yaoi in it. Magic square: Durers Melancholia or Sudoku? The boat is Sebastian Brants Ship of Fools. Becassine is a French comic from 100 years ago. The Japanese on the book reads Jump. Olive Oyl needs no introduction!

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