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22 September 2010



I needs me a Red Ensign circa 1868 for the vintage baseball next year. I also need a 37 star us flag. Got to mock Yankees over their fantasy of a 50 star flag at last summer's recreation of a 1870-ish game. Said "and where the hell do you think yo are getting those other star? Off the Russians?? [Har-Har-Har] Maybe somewhere in the South Pacific!!! [Har-Har-Har]


The pre-1965 ensign should be pretty easy to find, but the flag with the fish? I dunno...

Alan Hodge

This question came up on the Wikiepedia Humanities Reference Desk a few days ago. If you download the pdf file at http://openlibrary.org/books/OL22336816M/Canada_in_khaki - it's on page 32 (of 224) of "Canada in Khaki" and it's entitled '''"THE CALL"'''.




There's an old Red Ensign at Urban Cottage Antiques on Granville that must date between 1898 and 1905. The shield has NS, NB, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, BC, PEI, Yukon and an early version of NWT I've never seen before.


John Liston Byam Shaw corrected / John Liston Byam Shaw corregido


Go visit the last commenter's YouTube channel and see him photoshop the navels off paintings of Adam and Eve, Venus, and the offspring of Leda and Zeus.

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