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06 July 2016


Nikki Bennett

We found that exact same caterpiller on our driveway.


Most of our blog's traffic between July and October comes from people googling the phrase "fuzzy yellow caterpillar". Using our site stats I'm sure someone could come up with an animated map charting the sightings of this cute bug.

Air Jordans

The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible".


found one in my driveway. I'm thinking about raising it to see the moth. Hopefully I can figure out what to feed it!


lol that is what directed me here...;) thanks!


Maybe this what I saw today (Harrison County, IA) but I don't recall the black hairs. This year has been a bumper crop of centipedes invading the pation and basement. Every year has been something different. First year it was grasshoppers. Second year crickets, etc.


Ha, that's what brought me here! I saw one in Central Park this morning.


Friday July 13, Found one crawling on the foundation of the house, Very cool looking.


Found one here today in NJ. And here I was thinking I was preserving the future of a wonderful butterfly. NOPE, GUESS NOT. (I'd feel terrible if I had killed it, anyway)

Kathy Burger

Kingston, Pa 7/22/2012


Have one in our yard this morning. Burr Ridge, Illinois.


and one on our house in Albany, NY today!


got one crawling on my porch this morning here in johnson city, tn r they poisonous?


Apparently some people are allergic to them.


found one in my yard today in Lock Haven PA. my 2 yr old grand-daughter was amused.

jonathan sadler

found one on my shoe in the backyard in Boise Idaho today.

Tanya Alvis

I found the exact caterpillar on my front porch today.

M Ortiz

Me and my daughter had one on the porch today..In Lorain,Ohio

Marily Steckly

I saw this very same yellow fuzzy catterpillar on our porch,n it is so pretty.

B. Bachand

To bad it's a moth...It would make a beautiful yellow butterfly. I have one playing ping-pong between railing posts today from Warne, NC.

Andrea Fiscus

Provo, Utah today

Andrea Fiscus

I posted a video of the caterpillar I saw today



We have one we found about a month ago and put it n a container and it is now a cacoon but it has not hatched yet..how long does it take to hatch? Toronto,Ontario


Seems the length of time in the cocoon depends on temperature. If the insect is warm it'll emerge after three or four weeks. But if it thinks winter has come it'll wait until spring. Generally their life cycle is faster in the south and slower in the north.


Fuzzy Yellow Caterpillar found in Wellsville Utah! There were so many!! We put 5 in a jar to take to school on Monday and show the class!

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