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06 July 2016


Brenda Thomas

Found one on our deck this evening. Been finding several insects this summer that I have never encountered before in 57 years, a walking stick on our deck a couple of days ago. We had a black and yellow spider in the garden a few weeks ago that made its web with zig zag stitches.

Marin Dickens

We found one in our yard in Midtown Atlanta and got great photos. We are amateur photographers, and will be happy to share with anyone interested. email


there are a few in my front yard & porch. one is noticeably stuck to the sidewalk and can not get free. i don't want to interfere w/nature but is there anything i can do to help it?? he had a bright green blob oozing from 1 end and then it turned black. now the black blob part is stuck to the concrete and the caterpillar can't get free. i tried gently helping w/a leaf but it didn't help. i feel so bad. if anyone has suggestions please post.

Cary, NC


This took a great deal of work and wow on it all! Great information. I am in northern Tennessee.


I'm looking because of a post my sister made from Arkansas, so using Austin would skew your results.

Matthew A

About twenty minutes prior to this post I found a Fuzzy Yellow Caterpillar in Cleveland Ohio 3.5 miles south of Lake Erie. I have him in a small habitat. A month ago I had a tiger moth. It's been an interesting summer. Thank you for this informative post!

amy no

Found 2 in my house within the last few days ...does anyone know why, i dont have houseplants or garden either. Looking for answers ..... HELP!


Found one on my deck. Peterborough Ontario Canada


Toronto Sep 1, 2013

Myrna O'Hara

I found one here on Cape Cod this morning Sept. 25, 2013 while trimming.

James Johnston

There's tons of these little yellow guys all over my property here in windsor ontario canada I move atleast 3 to 5 of them every day fom my table and my patio


We saw this caterpillar today and I had to see what it was. Aug. 02 2014

Crystal Bernal

Found one in racine Wisconsin crawling on my sisters door step.
hes our new family pet since that's probably the only thing im not allergic to lol

L. Whitehead

found this little fuzzy caterpillar scurrying across the back yard in Wayne, PA.


Found one in hurricane, wv


Typepad is having problems displaying comments, apparently. My apologies if your comment doesn't show.

Adrienne witherspoon

Found one on my porch just now. Roseville michigan . want to raise it what do I feed it?


Found one today in Lakewood, CO


My son found one on one of thousands of plants i planted by the front of our house, never seen one before, anybody have a pic of what they become


My son found one on one of thousands of plants i planted by the front of our house, never seen one before, anybody have a pic of what they become.
Henderson, MD USA

Norene Olson

We found this caterpillar on our trash can on Sept. 15th in Madison, WI

Jan Gilbert

I just found one today August 25, 2018 in Laconia,NH


I searched Google Images for a photo of the caterpillar I saw on my front porch this afternoon and landed on your page. I’m in Mission, KS, seeing so many moths in September, 2018, but only this one large, beautiful caterpillar - a fun sighting.

Monte Shillington

"large yellow caterpillar Ontario" google search brought me to your page -- sited crawling on our garden shed in Beachville, Ontario, on September 23rd : )

Danielle White

Found one today on Social Circle, GA.

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